Masterplan for Sustainable Fisheries

The innovation project Masterplan for Sustainable Fisheries (MDV) aims to explore breakthrough innovations and achieve in the Dutch fishing industry. Restructuring of the fishing fleet is a necessity because the current fishing vessels show an inadequate earnings.

The objective of the MDV is to develop an economically and ecologically sustainable way possible earnings in (flatfish) fishing. Learn about the history and trajectory of the MDV can be found at: Research and results about the MDV.


At the time the hull of the ship is welded Hoekman Shipbuilding busy signing up together and prepare for the installation of the MDV-ship. In the video below you will get an impression of the construction of the vessel.



Friday, November 28, there are new pictures of the progress of the construction of the MDV-ship. Below is an overview of progress.

Now the MDV-ship is at the quay before Hoekman Shipbuilding. We are busy with the installation of all equipment on board of the ship as the fish hold, engine room and so on. Here are some pictures of the progress of the installation of this revolutionary fishing vessel. Successively with the auxiliary generator, the fueloil system and cooling system.

Friday, March 20, the motor of the main generator is placed. This motor is responsible for the generation of the electricity of the main engine and the driving of the hydraulic pump. On the pictures below to see how the engine is brought on board.

Friday, April 10 Hoekman Shipbuilding has placed the navigation mast on the wheelhouse of the MDV-ship. With the placement of the navigation mast is then also reached its highest point of the ship. Furthermore, installation of electrical components in the engineroom and a start was made with placing the fish processing module.

Thursday, April 23 the men of Hoekman Shipbuilding had a busy day. The cranes on the front and the rear mast are then placed as well as the both netroles and 3 winches. The installation of the engine runs smoothly through. As well as the installation of the accommodation and the wheelhouse. The fish hold and fish processing space are gepolyesterd at this time.

 Friday, June 5, the MDV 1 Immanuel handed over to the owners. The journey now moves to Den Helder, where the ship will be made ready to fish. The MDV 1 leaves on June 11 for a first short trip. Hereafter normal fishing trips are made. This is now being done through the twinrig principle. Later in the year the MDV1 goes fishing with a pulse-twinrig.

Hoekman Shipbuilding wish the crew of the MDV 1 Immanuel many good fishing trips and of course a safe journey.

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If you are interested in this sustainable fishing vessel or you want to see what we herein can do for you please contact Hoekman Shipbuilding.