Hoekman Shipbuilding started as a builder of mostly fishing vessels. Hoekman Shipbuilding has built many fishing vessels in the past. In June 2015 we have built a brand new innovative fishing vessel, the \'MDV 1\'.

This vessel is an electrical powered boat. 2 fueloil generatorsets generate the electricity for the whole energy consumption of the ship. The ship contains many innovative solutions for almost everything that uses energy. This means that there is a much lower energy consumption than on the traditional fishing vessels.

The powermanagement system fives the generator the most conveniently round per minute. So the generators don\'t use fueloil which is not effective. Also we use the coolingwater of the generators to warm the drinkingwater and the heating on board of the ship. Therefore is a 5000 litres barrel in the engineroom who heated the water. Also form the bow of the ship was built so that the ship experiencing less drag in the water.