UK225 Auke Sr

Hoekman Shipbuilding is allowed to build UK225.

In the spring of 2019, the family business of Slooten Noordzeevisbedrijf gave the order for the new construction of the UK 225 'Auke-Senior'. In addition to the UK 225, the contract was also given by MDV Beheer BV for the construction of the MDV 2. The UK 225 is a sister ship to the award-winning MDV 1.

The UK 225 has the following dimensions: L x W x H=30.15 x 8.60 x 4.40 m. A generator of 500 KW will be placed on board the ship. The generator supplies 400 KW to the electric motor that drives the propeller and 100 KW to the on-board network.

As the MDV 1, the UK 225 Auke-Senior has also chosen the revolutionary design that emerged from the principles of the Masterplan Sustainable Fisheries foundation. The design ensures that fishing is done as efficiently as possible thanks to the unique hull shape and the hybrid drive. Overall, these fuel-saving initiatives deliver an 80% reduction in fuel consumption compared to traditional fishing vessels.

The underwater hull has remained identical to the MDV 1, but a number of minor changes have been made above the water surface. The head of the ship has been raised slightly so that less water comes on board. In addition, the UK 225 has opted for fencing next to the wheelhouse instead of a high bulwark next to the wheelhouse that provides better visibility around the ship from the wheelhouse. For better stability, it was decided to install a pendulum tank.

The UK 225 follows the main principles of the MDV 1 but is a substantially different ship. The layout of the UK 225 has been adjusted, instead of one engine room, it has now been split into an engine room and propulsion room. As a result, the fish hold has been moved to the central ship instead of the foreship, so that unloading can be done with the crane on the stern and the crane on the foreship is no longer necessary. The fish hold has become larger compared to the narrow foreship due to the placement in the fuller central nave. In addition, the separate engine room and propulsion space has a favorable effect on the trim of the ship.

The UK 225 'Auke-Senior' fishes according to the twinrig principle and the flyshoot method.

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