SO591 Olgarry

The SO591 Olgarry is a trawler built for an Irish fishing company.

The Olgarry was built by Hoekman Shipbuilding in 2003 and has a length of 40 meters and is almost 11 meters wide. Currently SO591 Olgarry is fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.
Hoekman Shipbuilding, then still known as Machinefabriek AenL Hoekman, built the WD28 Avro Warrior and the SO715 Neptune for 2 Irish shipping companies.



Hoekman Shipbuiding is a true specialist in the construction of fishing vessels. Dozens of fishing vessels have been built by Hoekman to complete customer satisfaction. From Beamtrawlingcutters to trawler, all kinds of fishing vessels come from Hoekman Shipbuilding. With the new fishing vessels of the Masterplan Sustainable Fisheries series, Hoekman Shipbuilding is the precursor of innovation in the fishery sector. Successive to the MDV-series Hoekman Shipbuilding remained building  innovative ships.

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