The Style 510 Teach-Inn lathe is the cream the la cream in terms of lathes for small and medium series. The Style lathe gives glass-smooth surface with all the carving.

The lathe is suitable for components with a maximum diameter of 510mm and a length of 1850mm and this therefore ideal for running large and small parts of each material.

Want to know more about the possibilities to outsource your turning with us please contact Hoekman Shipbuilding.


Our machines

In Hoekman Shipbuilding we use different machines for the production of our parts and products. Such as milling machines, lathes, benders, plasma cutters and the like.

On this page you will find a number of these machines. These machines are not only used for the production of its own components and products, but also for production of components for customers.

For information about the possibility to fabricate your parts through us you can contact the technical office of Hoekman Shipbuilding.