ESAB Cutting machine

Hoekman Shipbuilding has a CNC-controlled ESAB Autogenous and Plasma cutting machine.
The ESAB SUPRAREX SCE-P 4500 LH cuts sheets up to 2500x1250mm.
With this cutting machine we can cut steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
We have the right software to nest your parts as efficiently as possible.

For a quote or further information for your cutting work, please contact Hoekman Shipbuilding.

Steel up to a maximum of 100mm
Stainless steel up to a maximum of 15mm
Aluminum up to a maximum of 15mm


Our machines

In Hoekman Shipbuilding we use different machines for the production of our parts and products. Such as milling machines, lathes, benders, plasma cutters and the like.

On this page you will find a number of these machines. Not only used for the production of our own components and products, but also available for the production of our customer’s parts

For more information about the possibility to produce your parts through our services, please contact the technical office of Hoekman Shipbuilding.