Maintenance is one of the strengths of Hoekman Shipbuilding. The maintenance of ships can be done on the quay directly to the factory or at the shipyard.

Many ships have already been repaired by Hoekman Shipbuilding for all kinds of defects. From collision damage to broken engines, everything is solved by the skilled mechanics of Hoekman Shipbuilding.
Many propeller shafts and rudder shafts have already been replaced by Hoekman Shipbuilding. We have also made and installed new rudders for various ships.

With our own laser alignment equipment we can check the alignment of new motors, generators and pumps, but also the control of already installed motors, generators and pumps.
Hoekman Shipbuilding also has hull thickness measuring equipment at its disposal with which hull thicknesses are regularly checked in collaboration with Shipyard Hoekman.