New Building

Hoekman Shipbuilding will build new ships regularly. Hoekman Shipbuilding has his tracks deserves in all branches of shipbuilding. Tugboat to coaster and cutter to barge for Hoekman Shipbuilding this is no problem.

For the coming period, there is another new ship on the schedule this means that the experience in building new ships is safeguarded for the future and the knowledge of new construction methods present.

As recent projects Hoekman Shipbuilding built the 55-meter Solution, a dive support vessel which can provide support for diving and offshore jobs. This ship can also be used as a hotel ship in these jobs.

The MDV-1 is a revolutionary fishing vessel which diesel-electrically powered. The fishing vessel is specially designed to best achieve results possible with a fuel consumption as low as possible.

Plowboat team Kees Jr. a plow- and tugboat. A 22-meter vessel which is suitable for towing- and plowingtasks and features its own retractable multibeam for underwater inspections.

Oilboat Mobi, a 35-meter oil supply ship with 16 tanks.