Hoekman Shipbuilding is from ancient time a machine factory which has focused on shipbuilding. But outside shipbuilding Hoekman Shipbuilding stands his ground.

Many solutions have Hoekman Shipbuilding been realized for various problems of our customers.

So Hoekman Shipbuilding has several customer specific designed and manufactured manifolds.

But also work rafts, vessels for fishing, vents, hatches, rudders and so on.





Crane                                              Winch Fishery                               Hatches


Swivelpoint                                    Safety-End Chain                          Liferaft Craddles


 Sliders                                           Derrick                                          Wingprofile-derrick


Fish Cistern                                    Work Floater                                Rudder


If interested in any of the products on this site but also other products, please contact Hoekman Shipbuilding. All products can be delivered to your specifications.