In the bustling world of fishing and shipping, Hoekman Shipbuilding in Urk is a haven of quality and reliability. A place where ship owners have been tying up for more than 40 years for the installation of engines, machinery and all other on-board systems. Hoekman Shipbuilding acts as a prime contractor for the construction of new cutters and trawlers. In addition to this, we also undertake the complete technical modernisation of existing fishing vessels.

The customer

The starting point at Hoekman Shipbuilding is formed by the requirements of the customer, which are always at the core of the informal and pleasant atmosphere that so typifies Hoekman Shipbuilding and the town of Urk. Our in-house design and drafting department integrates ideas and requirements into the final design. After all, the initiative doesn't just rest with the customer. At Hoekman we are closely involved with our client's projects, therefore we also assist in finding solutions.

Short lines

The management of Hoekman is readily available to the customer and staff. The short communication lines in the company ensure that the requirements can be responded to quickly and at the lowest possible costs. This flexible teamwork with the customer is typical of Hoekman Shipbuilding.

First-class collaboration

We also have a first-class working relationship with our various suppliers. The major advantage of our site at Urk, one of the most important fishing towns in Western Europe, is that there is a wide range of companies active in the shipbuilding industry. Hull builders, painters, carpenters, electrical engineers - they can all be found in Urk. Hoekman works with various companies that have all been associated with the shipping industry for many years. Just like gearwheels, we engage with each other just at the right moment, forming various collaborations depending on the nature of the order. That's why, time and time again, we produce fantastic examples of Dutch craftsmanship.

Different perspective

Hoekman Shipbuilding's roots are in the fishing industry, with a great deal of experience having been gained in the trawling sector. However, various masterpieces have also been produced in other fishing sectors such as pair trawling and Twin Rigg fishing in England and Ireland. Machinery, engines and RSW systems have been installed with a different perspective on these ships, whilst not losing sight of Dutch thoroughness. Finally, Hoekman is also active outside of the fishing sector. For example, engines and machinery have also been installed on inland craft and tugs.

To summarise, we can state that at Hoekman Shipbuilding:

  • the customer occupies centre stage;
  • we have 40 years of marine engineering expertise for seagoing and inland shipping;
  • reliability is of primary importance;
  • short communication lines ensure flexible consultation with the client and exact implementation of requirements;
  • we have a first-class working relationship with local suppliers;
  • technical problems are resolved with a different perspective - also in other sectors.


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