20m Multipurpose Working Catamaran

In 2014, a crew tender vessel by Hoekman Shipbuilding in co-operation with Van Dorrestijn Design developed which is suitable for the transfer of personnel and cargo to and from for example windfarms.

The design has been set up as a versatile multipurpose platform to perform a width range of tasks.

Passengers will not only have ample space during transit, but will also be able to use the accommodation as full day base when working from the mother vessel is required.

Both hull can be used as cargo area for spare parts and or workshop. The forward deck area is sufficient to carry two 10 ft containers and various euro pallets. Also the area aft of the superstructure can be utilized for cargo.

The narrow hulls give excellent fuel economy. The hulls do however due to smart shaping also supply good carrying capacity when asked for. Speed range will be from 10 to 25 knots pending on the selected propulsion set.

The catamaran has a length of 23.7 m, width of 9.71 meters and a depth of 1.10 meters. The ship is suitable to carry 12 passengers. The catamaran has its own crane.

Are you interested in this boat please contact Klaas Hoekman.